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Quarterly Competitions

Four open competitions are held throughout the calendar year, usually in January, April, August and November.

You may enter either the print or projected digital image (PDI) , or both.

An invited judge scores each image and a small shield is awarded on the night to the winners of each section which must be returned before the next quarterly competition.

Individual scores in each section are carried forward to the next quarter and at the end of the year the member with the highest score from three of the four competitions will be awarded the W. H. Hardwick trophy for prints, or the J. Barcroft trophy for digitals.

It is also possible for a beginner to gain advanced status if his/her three best scores from three quarterly competitions in any one year reach 50 points in either the print or digital (but not a mix of both). It’s the responsibility of the individual concerned to notify the competition secretary before a change in status can be made. (The only competition where entries are made either as a beginner or advanced is the Annual Exhibition Competition).

Print Entries:

  • NEW WORK ONLY i.e. images which have never been entered into any other internal competition. Entering similar images into different competitions as ‘new work’ is not acceptable and will be actively discouraged.
  • Minimum visible IMAGE size 20cm x 15cm or equivalent area for nonstandard image shapes.
  • MOUNT size must be 50cm x 40cm. This is the standard mount size which complies with the rules for external competitions, therefore enabling the print secretary to enter any print into such competitions.
  • Digital images of the print images are required by the Print Secretary and must be handed in at the same time as the prints on a card or memory stick OR emailed to
  • A maximum of 4 prints per member.
  • Your K number and the title must be written clearly on the back of the mount (the correct way up) to preserve anonymity when being judged. It’s also useful to note the date, and the name of the competition, for future reference.

Digital Entries:

  • NEW WORK ONLY (as above)
  • A maximum of 4 images per member.
  • The card or memory stick must be empty except for the titled images you are entering.
  • Each image must be titled as follows: Name_Image Title,jpg. i.e. Tom Smith_My Best Friend.jpg
    (Note—no spaces either side of the underscore between the author’s name and the title).
    Please do not use any hyphens, underscores, full stops, commas, apostrophies, brackets etc. in the image title as these affect the computer file sorting.
  • Each image must be JPEG, exactly 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high. If an image size is less in any direction then a black background must be added to give a canvas file size of exactly 1600 x 1200 pixels.
  • sRGB colour space.
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     January 2017