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President’s Cup Competition

The new President may select a theme for the competition which is announced at his/her election at the Annual General Meeting in October.

The competition is usually held on the last meeting date in December before the Christmas break. The President judges the competition and a trophy is awarded to the winner. This must be returned before the next President’s Cup competition.

The 2018 President's Cup Competition will be held on Wednesday 12th December. Entries to be submitted on Wednesday 28th November

The theme this year is CHRISTMAS

- up to 4 DIGITAL entries per member

- The card or memory stick must be empty except for the titled images

- Each image must be titled as follows:  Name_Image Title.jpg

- Each image must be jpg exactly 1600 x 1200 pixels

- Entries to be handed in on Wednesday 28th November

- Entries do not have to be 'new work'

The competition will be followed by a buffet and we will be closed then until Wednesday 9th January 2019