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President’s Cup Competition

The new President may select a theme for the competition which is announced at his/her election at the Annual General Meeting in October.

The competition is usually held on the last meeting date in December before the Christmas break. The President judges the competition and a trophy is awarded to the winner. This must be returned before the next President’s Cup competition.

The 2017 President's Cup Competition will be held on Wednesday 13th December. Entries to be submitted on Wednesday 6th December. 

The theme and entry requirements for the competition are as follows:-

The theme set by our President, John Steel, is "Dancing".

Each member wishing to enter, should submit from 1 up to 4 PDI (Digital) images on the theme.

John asked us to be “creative” with our interpretation of “Dancing”, so it could but doesn’t necessarily have to be images of people actually dancing.

We look forward to seeing some wonderful interpretations and a high number of entries, please do “give it a go”!

Please ensure that your entries are sized to the required standard for projected images, that is:-

  • The card or memory stick must be empty except for the titled images you are entering.
  • Each image must be titled as follows: Name_Image Title.jpg. i.e. Tom Smith_My Best Friend.jpg (Note—no spaces either side of the underscore between the author’s name and the title). Please do not use any hyphens, underscores, full stops, commas, apostrophes, brackets etc. in the image title as these affect the computer file sorting.
  • Each image must be JPEG, exactly 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high.
  • sRGB colour space.

Good Luck to all entrants.