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General Guidelines for Competitions

Competitions are held throughout the year and new members are encouraged to participate so that their work can be commented on by an invited judge.  All images are shown anonymously and by taking on board the judge’s assessment we can all learn from their expertise.

Each competition has its own rules, depending on whether it is a print only, digital only, or a mix of both.  The rules are shown separately under each competition heading.  (link to list of competitions

Occasionally we may run an informal competition as a means of attracting specific genres to increase our choice of entries into external competitions i.e. the theme may be Landscape, Nature or Portraits etc. All images entered into an informal competition may be entered again in a formal one.

We are members of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU) and through the L&CPU, affiliated to the Photographic Alliance Of Gret Britain (PAGB) and are invited to submit images to compete against other clubs.  More information is given at weekly meetings.

Other competitions are in the form of a ‘battle’ with another club on a home and away basis, with an invited judge to award points to decide the winner.  Again, more information is given at weekly meetings.

Just a few provisos to be aware of:

  • Images must be a member’s own work and have full copyright of all the images.
  • The competition secretaries reserve the right to disqualify from competition, or remove without warning, any image which does not comply with the rules, or is deemed unsuitable.  If in doubt please ask the competition secretary.
  • Whilst all reasonable care is taken with images entered for competitions the Society does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.  Original images of particular value should not be entered.  All members’ images are deemed available for exclusive use by the Society for external competitions.
  • An image may be entered into competition as a Print or Projected Digital Image (PDI) but not as both in the same competition.
  • Images that have been entered in either format (Print or PDI)  in any previous  competition may be entered in the alternative format for the Annual Exhibition only.
  • Digital images of print images are required by the Print Secretary and must be handed in at the same time as the prints on a card or memory stick OR emailed to