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Digital Knockout Competition

This competition is usually held in September and takes the traditional style of a knockout competition using projected digital images. An invited judge will decide the winner and the Digital K.O. trophy is awarded.

  • Up to 6 digital entries per member.
  • The card or memory stick must be empty except for the titled images you are entering.
  • Each image must be titled as follows: Name_Image Title.jpg. i.e. Tom Smith_My Best Friend.jpg
    (Note—no spaces either side of the underscore between the author’s name and the title).
    Please do not use any hyphens, underscores, full stops, commas, apostrophies, brackets etc. in the image title as these affect the computer file sorting.
  • Each image must be JPEG, exactly 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high.
  • sRGB colour space.  
  • January 2017