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The Annual Exhibition for Prints and Projected Digital Images (PDI's)

The premier competitions of the year which take place over two consecutive meetings with different invited judges who will determine the winning images in each category, and the winners will each receive a trophy.

Awards are also given to images which are Very Highly Commended, Highly Commended or Commended, in each category. The competition usually takes place in March/April.

Comments are made by the judges on each image, but scores are not given. The individual winners of the Beginners categories will automatically gain Advanced status for both prints and PDI’s for all future Annual Exhibitions. This is the only competition which is divided into Beginners and Advanced.

A venue is chosen each year where a selection of the prints is displayed for the public to view, along with projected images from the PDI competition.

All entries are divided into: Beginners Category OR Advanced Category.

Each of these categories is further divided into three sections: Colour, Nature  OR Monochrome (black and white or Monotone only)

Print Entries:

Mount size 50cm x 40cm. Labels and entry forms are issued to provide the following information:

  • Label information: K no.—Print Title—Entry No.—Colour, Nature or Mono
  • Entry form information: Name—K NO.—Beginner or Advanced—Entry No. Image Title—Colour © Nature(N) or Mono (M)
  • Entries must be listed on the entry form in order of preference from 1 to 12 regardless of whether or not it is Colour Nature or Mono. * see note below
  • Digital images of the print images are required by the Print Secretary and must be handed in at the same time as the prints OR emailed to

Digital Entries:

  • Entries must be correctly sized as width 1600 pixels and height 1200 pixels.
  • Each entry must be titled a follows: Name_Image Title.jpg i.e. Tom Smith_My Best Friend.jpg (Note—no spaces either side of the underscore between the author’s name and the title).  Images submitted must be the only images on the card/memory stick.
  • Entry form information: Name—Beginner or Advanced—Entry No.—Image Title—Colour © Nature(N) or Mono (M)
  • Entries must be listed on the entry form in order of preference from 1 to 12 regardless of whether or not is is Colour, Nature or Mono. *see note below

*Entrants may submit up to 12 prints and 12 PDI’s but the competition maximum is 120 images of either. If more than 120 images are entered then the number per person will be limited by removing every image numbered 12, then those images numbered 11, then 10 and so on, until the competition entry falls to the required level. It is important therefore to consider this when numbering your images on the entry form.

Judges are instructed to penalize any image which has, in their opinion, been entered into an inappropriate category. Also, images will be reviewed by committee for inappropriate content before public exhibition and authors would be notified of any withdrawals.

Entries made after the entry date, without an entry form or not correctly sized may not be eligible, but this decision will be at the competition secretary’s discretion.

Entries may be held and used to represent the Society in external competitions and battles.

All images entered into the Annual Exhibition competitions are automatically disallowed from any further internal club competitions.  

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